Cell Phone Evidence and Intelligence
Homicide School Course 07
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Cell Phone Evidence and Intelligence: Homicide School Course 07
Class Description

Cell phones provide evidence and intelligence for almost every case and you must know how to legally and successfully obtain that information. You will learn how cellular phones retain information and connect to cell phone towers. Learn how to write cell phone search warrants, court orders and how exigent circumstances related to the legal system. Case mapping will be explained and how to present this information during a jury trial. Avoid the most common mistakes with cell phone investigations and learn the new laws pertaining directly to cell phones. You will leave this class with the knowledge you can legally and successfully obtain as much information possible from your cell phone evidence.

Topics Covered:

  • Cellular Phone and Tower Configurations
  • Search Warrants-Court Orders-Exigency
  • Case Mapping
  • Presentation for Jury Trial
  • Most Common Mistakes with Cell Phone Investigations