Advanced Psychology for Cops
Understand, identify and respond to personality disorders.
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Advanced Psychology for Cops: Understand, identify and respond to personality disorders.
Class Description

This training is intended for all levels of law enforcement personnel. Police often find themselves frustrated and perplexed with certain, specific individuals who present with a “mask of sanity" in that while appearing normal are in fact mentally ill and often quite dangerous. These same people often engage in very strange, erratic and destructive behaviors repeatedly despite significant consequences and frequent contact with law enforcement. This training, with specific focus on the eleven different personality disorders, and the emerging science around psychopaths and sociopaths will demystify these individuals and give participants a virtual tool kit to better navigate and troubleshoot these situations. A tactical diagram for engagement will be provided for each of the individual personality disorders. Unlike other trainings on this subject, designed for mental health professionals, this training is designed exclusively for law enforcement and other public safety personnel. Examples from both the media and recent high profile cases will be used to further the concepts presented.

Course Goals:

  • Participants will gain some essential skills needed to understand, identify and respond to individuals with these disorders.
  • Participants will understand the excessive and unique demands these individuals place on law enforcement and other public safety entities.
  • Participants will understand the potential pitfalls faced when interacting with these individuals and be empowered with strategies to manage and avoid such situations.
  • Participants will understand the strong tie between personality disorders and: Criminal Behavior, Cults, Substance Abuse, and Terrorism.

Advanced Psychology for Cops is an approved seminar by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.