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Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I register for Instruq?

Instruq offers advanced officer training that is tied to a user profile making it easier to manage your courses. We only offer membership to sworn law enforcement with the powers of arrest and to civilian support staff who are under the supervision of sworn law enforcement. Membership is free and requires a vetting process to confirm your position.

I registered but did not receive any indication of doing so.

Does your department use an email filter system that requires human interaction to verify sent email? Systems like Sendio and Barracuda do not allow us to send you the email verification needed to complete your registration. If your department is using such a system and your registration process is incomplete because of it, email us at so we can help you through it. You might also want to check your spam folder and add to your trusted sender list.

How do I access the training Instuq offers?

After you are confirmed, you will have the opportunity to purchase training via the Instruq web site. We offer Live streaming training on a variety of topics that are relevant to today's law enforcement officer at all levels. Sign up for an upcoming course and choose to come to class at the LA-HIDTA office in Commerce Ca, or watch the live stream from your home or office. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend class the day of the course, you will be able to view the course as a video on demand several days later. Your training dollars are not lost because of your busy schedule.

If I want to train in person, can I do that?

Yes, in fact we need people in class so we have someone to teach to. The good news is even if you come in to class, you still have access to the video on demand to review what you learned in person. We are located at 5700 South Eastern Ave. Commerce, Ca. 90040 You can reserve a seat after purchase by contacting

What happens if I miss the LIVE broadcast?

No problem, just keep an eye out for the class to be posted in your "My Courses" page for the on demand version.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Instruq offers a 14 day unlimited viewing period. If your attendance is recorded for the live stream, you will receive a completion certificate after the live course is completed and you will then have 14 days to review the course from the time it is posted on Instruq as a video on demand. If you purchase a course after the live date as a video on demand, your 14 day unlimited viewing will begin from the time you start viewing. You will not have the ability to fast forward until you have completed the course. Once completed, you will be given the ability to skip around and review whatever portion of the course you like. If for some reason you are unable to complete and review your course within the 14 days, we will still allow you to complete the course but your ability to review it after completion will expire.

Does Instruq issue a certificate of completion?

Yes. You will be issued a certificate of completion when our system records your attendance to a live streaming event or once we see that you have watched your training to the end. Certificates are issued as PDF documents and will have the students name, course name, hours of training and date completed. They look awesome and we think you should collect as many as possible.

What equipment do I need to watch training on Instruq?

We recommend a modern Windows based PC with an up to date web browser. We like Google Chrome. You will need a broadband internet connection that is capable of supporting the bandwidth necessary to deliver HD video streaming. We do not currently support Apple Macintosh platforms.

Does Instruq support Mobile devices?

Instruq does not currently support mobile devices. In order for us to track your progress you must watch training on a desktop/laptop. We have plans to support mobile devices in the future so stay tuned.

Can I download Instruq courses?

No. You must be logged in to view courses over a broadband internet connection. Downloading and viewing off-line is not permitted. We are a law enforcement community and while we don't require a top secret clearance to view our training, we do want to keep the content within our community. Please help us do so.

Can I pay for training with a department issued check?

We can invoice agencies for training for single users and groups. Individuals are required to use a credit card via their profile.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We do provide you with a detailed receipt from your order and a completion certificate which should be all you need to get your department or agency to reimburse you. Keep in mind that if you pay for your own training, you may qualify for a tax deduction for the tuition. See this IRS page for more details.

Do you store my credit card information?

No, we do not store any financial information you provide us. Your credit card information is not tied to your user profile in any way. You will have to enter your CC information for each purchase you make on Instruq. If your department has a credit card that you are authorized to use, you can do so on checkout with the proper billing information.