Asian Organized Crime
Past and Present - Money, Marijuana, and Murders
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Asian Organized Crime: Past and Present - Money, Marijuana, and Murders
Class Description

There is little doubt that out of the approximately 1.6 million Asian immigrants that reside in Los Angeles County, hundreds of crimes committed by the very same immigrants go unreported.

For instance, in the past ten years, Chinese criminal enterprises transitioned from street gangs to ad-hoc type of organizational enterprises that has been assimilated with the community. Most recently, the newly arrived Chinese immigrants have formed undetectable organizations that engages in drug trafficking, money laundering, major credit card fraud, and unlawful cultivation of marijuana.

I vividly recall one operation I conducted where we started the surveillance operation in Koreatown, Los Angeles and eventually arrived at a location in Eastvale, Riverside County, where the entire community was either law enforcement or fire fighters. Needless to say, that community was shockingly surprised to discover that their neighbors possessed sub-machine guns to protect the several thousand marijuana plants that the suspects were cultivating inside the residence.

This class is designed to familiarize patrol officers and criminal investigators on the fundamental precepts of Asian gangs and organized crime enterprises. Attendees will be taught the recent trends committed by the Asian criminal enterprises.

Topics Covered:

  • Brief history of Asian gangs
  • Updates on Asian gang activities in Southern California and transnationally
  • Introduction of indoor marijuana grow and its collateral impact on Asian organized crimes
  • Case Study of People v. Andy Chen (Money, Marijuana, and Murder)
  • Combating Asian organized crimes today
  • Detailed analysis of investigative means
  • Current intelligence of how Asian organized crime enterprises are operating
  • Nexus to south of U.S. border