Butane Honey Oil Investigations
BHO lab officer safety hazards and investigative techniques
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Butane Honey Oil Investigations: BHO lab officer safety hazards and investigative techniques
Class Description

Butane Hash Oil labs are literally exploding across the USA and Canada. They create a very dangerous hazard for all first responders as well as neighbors and occupants of structures where BHO is being extracted. By introducing butane into the extraction process a very dangerous situation is created. BHO labs are exploding and causing deaths, injuries and property damage all around the country. BHO labs have their own unique set of officer safety hazards and investigative techniques. It is imperative that first responders are able recognize these situations and respond in a safe manner.

Course topics include:

  • Overview of the current issues involving Butane Honey Oil Extraction explosions and fires across the USA.
  • The history of BHO and other types of hashish extraction through traditional methods, BHO labs, and closed circuit processes using other gases.
  • Understanding THC and what makes Butane Honey Oil extraction so popular.
  • Understand the process, step by step, of how to make butane hash oil.
  • Dangers inherent in the BHO process.
  • Why investigators of indoor marijuana grow sites should be aware of BHO and be able to recognize a BHO lab.
  • What signs to look for as a first responder.
  • Learn what it takes to ignite a BHO Lab.
  • Protocols and policy for BHO lab investigations, investigation of active, dormant or post fire/explosion situations.
  • Partnerships with Fire Departments, Hazmat and EMS, cooperation between agencies to preserve the crime scene.
  • PPE (personal protection equipment)
  • Safe handling of the scene, evidence collection, prosecution requirements.
  • The law in regards of Butane Honey Oil manufacturing as well as other marijuana/THC extraction processes.