Command Post Operations
Situational Awareness at the CP
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Command Post Operations: Situational Awareness at the CP
Class Description

Large scale LE operations are a common event throughout the United States. Situational awareness at the command post, however, can be… not-so-common, and is often a challenge when multiple agencies, counties or states are involved. In addition to knowing the tactical situation as it unfolds, and allocating resources accordingly, having the right information for a subsequent press briefing is another good reason to have the facts right.

This lesson will illustrate in detail how these requirements can be met, and how to provide an accurate & near real-time status of a major LE operation for command staff, and all parties concerned.

Students will learn:

  • What information is most useful for a command post?
  • What preparation is necessary prior to the operation?
  • How is the tactical information obtained?
  • How is the status displayed?
  • How are the tracking spreadsheets created… and modified for future operations?
  • What are common pitfalls that try to keep anything like this from happening?

If your agency has been tasked to coordinate a major operation as described above, or soon will be, you can benefit from this class. Although the class is geared for LE analysts, there are many additional things required to make sure an analyst has what they need to support the command post. As such, professionals involved with setting up large scale LE operations can also benefit.

Note - Students should have a basic understanding of Excel spreadsheets and how they work. Various templates for different scenarios will also be provided under "Course Assets".