Detecting Deception with Joelle Sweeney
Evaluating Linguistic Code
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Detecting Deception with Joelle Sweeney: Evaluating Linguistic Code
Class Description

Detecting Deception is the process of critical listening or critical reading for the purpose of identifying sensitive, deceptive or missing information. Detecting Deception is a tool used by Law Enforcement to evaluate data and identify a person's linguistic code. We look at two building blocks upon which Detecting Deception is built: General Universal Concepts and General Honest Communication. We teach 4 Key Principles in Detecting Deception: One Brick Principle, Miller's Law, Baseline Principle and Grammar Principle. We will talk about Evasive Verbal Techniques and Body Language Techniques that will help us determine when someone is being deceptive. What is a micro-expression? Find the answer here. This is the class you cannot afford to miss!

Course Goals:

  • Increase your Critical Thinking and Critical Listening Skills
  • Know the meaning behind the words people use
  • Gain greater insight into verbal communication
  • Understand how information can deceive you
  • Recognize deception in handwritten statements
  • Develop better questioning skills