Internet of Things
Are you ready to collect this new digital evidence
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Internet of Things: Are you ready to collect this new digital evidence
Class Description

As technology continues to change our lives, the need to adapt the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into investigations is shaping the future of law enforcement. Whether it's a home security system, Alexa/Google home assistants, wearable devices, or even refrigerators; these smart devices are collecting data that may be useful to your investigation.

These devices integrate with other IoT devices and allow users to order products online, play games, start their car, adjust the thermostat, turn off lights, open the garage door, adjust the thermostat, monitor for water leaks, smoke, and can send live streaming video on demand as needed. This is data that can be integral in your investigation.

2017 saw the first use of IoT devices in criminal investigations. This course will get you on your way to using IoT devices in your investigation. By 2020, experts predict 30 billion IoT devices used worldwide. Are you ready to collect this new digital evidence?

Topics Covered:

  • Internet of Things explained
  • Different types of devices
  • What data is collected by these devices
  • How to obtain the data from tech companies
  • Case Studies
  • Legal Challenges