Investigating the Dark Web
Clearnet, Deep Web, and the Dark Web for Law Enforcement
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Investigating the Dark Web: Clearnet, Deep Web, and the Dark Web for Law Enforcement
Class Description

The changing nature of crime is creating significant investigative challenges for officers. Criminals are largely using smartphones and other mobile devices that is complicating investigations. Drug deals have moved from corners to the part of the internet known as the "dark web." Rummaging through mail is becoming a past time, as terabytes of personal information is available for sale in marketplaces. Firearms can easily be purchased on the dark web.

Drug cases, fraud cases, child pornography, and many other types of crime have a nexus to the dark web. Do you know the differences between the Clearnet, Deep Web, and the Dark Web? Have you ever heard of TOR? Can you easily access a dark web marketplace? If you can't answer yes to these questions, then The Dark Web: An Introduction for Law Enforcement is for you.

Join us as this class will introduce you to the dark web while taking a live look at the good, and bad the dark web has to offer. This course walks you through accessing the dark web, how to purchase illicit items on marketplaces, and provides numerous examples of cases involving the dark web at the Federal, state, and local levels.

Topics Covered:

  • TOR and I2P browsers
  • Beneficial Dark Web sites
  • Illicit Dark Web sites
  • How criminals use the dark web
  • How to make a purchase online
  • Encryption services
  • Introduction to de-anonymizing TOR
  • Successful local and federal investigations
  • Setting up a device for Dark Web investigations