Leading High Adventure Assignments
High performance teams and what it takes to lead them
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Leading High Adventure Assignments: High performance teams and what it takes to lead them
Class Description

High adventure assignments are those that are viewed as challenging and often hazardous. The personnel are nearly always volunteers who are highly creative, skilled and motivated. Leaders in these assignments often find themselves supervising and managing people who know more than they do. Conventional incentives, such as promotion and higher pay are not as attractive to these employees as opposed to personal fulfillment, excitement and comradery. Understandably, established management techniques are often ineffective. How do you demand 100% effort while at the same time recognizing it as unattainable? How do you encourage initiative and ingenuity while at the same time insisting on adherence to established policy and protocols? How do you punish error in an outstanding employee who rarely, if ever, fails? This course is designed to provide insight and understanding, as well as tried and true techniques for those who find themselves leading teams of "all stars."

Topics Include:

  • Judging leadership
  • Leadership qualities
  • The power position of leadership
  • Elite unit characterization
  • Values and habits of high performing units
  • Leadership and management challenges
  • Off the mark, missing the mark and hitting the mark