Operational Red Flags
Presented by California Narcotics Officers' Association
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Operational Red Flags: Presented by California Narcotics Officers' Association
Class Description

This class will focus on Operational Red Flag Issues that were present but ignored in two undercover cases that ended up as critical events.In both cases, all officers were seasoned investigator’s, and failed to recognize rip off signs in both investigations.The lessons learned from the cases will illustrate the need to focus on the importance of recognizing “Red Flag”” issues while conducting undercover investigations. Safety aspects in the planning and execution of these operations will be discussed, along with mental and psychological preparations for the undercover officer.

Topics Covered:

  • Undercover Officer Safety Rules
  • Dealing with suspect(s)
  • Locations for Undercover Operations
  • Tactical plans and operational tactics
  • Use of Informants
  • Mental Preparedness of Undercover Officer
  • Undercover Critical Incident Case Debriefing
  • Surviving an Undercover Unit