The Reality of OIS Investigations
Understand the critical factors and what to expect in an OIS
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The Reality of OIS Investigations: Understand the critical factors and what to expect in an OIS
Class Description

Attendees will take away a full understanding of what to expect in an OIS Investigation. Attendees will be presented with latest tools, research and referenced material to have a better understanding of the critical factors of an OIS investigation, including a compelling section on "How the Human Brain Works in a Use of Force Encounter." Tactical insight is presented on the unforeseen ramifications of uninformed decisions, including the most recent information on "Post Incident Video Viewing" and Press Releases. This course has been designed for Patrol Officers, Deputies, Probation Officers, Parole Agents, Investigators, LE Supervisors and City Administrators.

Topics covered:

  • When should you make a voluntary statement as opposed to a compelled?
  • When should you look at a video of your shooting?
  • What is it about video?
  • What is it about reactions?
  • Representation
  • District Attorney Policy
  • Video walk-through issues
  • Human brain functions in the Use of Force Encounter
  • Defend yourself always, but always be defendable.