Courtroom Cluster
Operation Save OurSelves Course 04
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Courtroom Cluster: Operation Save OurSelves Course 04
Class Description

Courtroom proceedings are the remaining steps of our justice system before an accused enters the prison wall. However, there are countless number of obstacles that might affect how a case proceeds from arraignment to the reading of the verdict. This class will be fun as it is filled with demonstrative examples of each proceeding and what they mean. After this class, you will have experienced the courtroom testimony as if you had undergone an actual case through jury trial.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Witness Coordination (Civilian vs. Gang Members)
  • Material Witness Warrant
  • "Unavailable" Witness
  • Pre-Trial Motions- Motion In Limine
  • Voir Dire- Jury Selection
  • Prosecutor's Opening Statement
  • Direct Examination vs Cross Examination
  • Impeachment
  • Expert Witness
  • Closing Argument- A
  • Defense's Closing Argument
  • Closing Argument

Operation Save OurSelves:

Throughout the United States, law enforcement officers are being physically harmed by criminals and attacked by the media at a historical rate. Even more alarming is the increasing number of police officers being relieved of duty, terminated, and even prosecuted for on-duty related incidents.

OPERATION Save OurSelves is designed to be an innovative method to arm law enforcement officers with the ultimate weapon: knowledge. The instructor is an experienced gang detective, who is also an attorney at law. The unique cop-lawyer dichotomy allows a qualified law enforcement officer teaching the legal concepts from a street cop's prospective.

OPERATION Save Ourselves has identified four major problematic areas that law enforcement officers encounter. (i) Starting from where police work is embarked, the streets; (ii) Then to the interrogation room where statements are obtained and evidence are gathered; (iii) transitioning to presenting evidence to the prosecutor (discovery), and (iv) finally ending with taking the case to the foundation of American jurisprudence, jury trials.

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