Miranda Misunderstood
Operation Save OurSelves Course 02
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Miranda Misunderstood: Operation Save OurSelves Course 02
Class Description

The scope of the "Miranda Misunderstood" class will be on the immediate actions following an arrest. After a law enforcement officer makes an arrest on the street, the critical component of police work is triggered. We will dive into the basic functions of "Miranda", including the difference between 5th Amendment and 6th Amendment right to counsel. Lastly, this class will also discuss when "Miranda" does not apply.

At the conclusion of this class, you will be confident in interviewing suspects following an arrest, with an in-depth understanding in regards to when "Miranda" applies and when it does not apply.

Topics Covered Include:

  • In Custody
  • Subject to Interrogation
  • Police Dominated Atmosphere
  • Ask First, Mirandize Later
  • Right to Silent- 5th Amendment
  • Right to Counsel- 5th Amendment
  • Right to Counsel- 6th Amendment
  • "Perkins" Operation- 5th Amendment vs 6th Amendment
  • Physical Evidence
  • Act of Producing Documents
  • Out of Court Identifications
  • Joint Trials: Co-Defendant Implications
  • Kellet (CA)

Operation Save OurSelves:

Throughout the United States, law enforcement officers are being physically harmed by criminals and attacked by the media at a historical rate. Even more alarming is the increasing number of police officers being relieved of duty, terminated, and even prosecuted for on-duty related incidents.

OPERATION Save OurSelves is designed to be an innovative method to arm law enforcement officers with the ultimate weapon: knowledge. The instructor is an experienced gang detective, who is also an attorney at law. The unique cop-lawyer dichotomy allows a qualified law enforcement officer teaching the legal concepts from a street cop's prospective.

OPERATION Save Ourselves has identified four major problematic areas that law enforcement officers encounter. (i) Starting from where police work is embarked, the streets; (ii) Then to the interrogation room where statements are obtained and evidence are gathered; (iii) transitioning to presenting evidence to the prosecutor (discovery), and (iv) finally ending with taking the case to the foundation of American jurisprudence, jury trials.

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