Fentanyl and Opiates
Presented by California Narcotics Officers' Association
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Fentanyl and Opiates: Presented by California Narcotics Officers' Association
Class Description

Opiates, especially Heroin and Fentanyl continue to plague our country, with tens of thousands dying each year. This 4 -hour course is designed to enhance the knowledge of law enforcement personnel regarding Opiate and Fentanyl investigations; including the sources and types of opiates, the methods of use and associated paraphernalia, use and influence symptomology, identifying Opiate users, packaging and preparation for use of Opiates will also be discussed.

We will cover why this epidemic got so bad and there will be an emphasis on Fentanyl, its dangers and officer safety techniques for dealing with fentanyl cases or other dangerous synthetic opioids. This is an excellent course for both newer and experienced Law Enforcement personnel.

Topics Covered:

  • Opiate Identification
  • Types of Paraphernalia
  • Common Terminology
  • Methods of Use/Abuse
  • Current Trends
  • Packaging and Weights
  • Methods of Sales & Prices
  • Objective Signs & Symptoms
  • Preventing First Responder Exposure
  • Personal Protective Equipment