Informant Development and Management
Manage informants that result in successful investigations
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Informant Development and Management: Manage informants that result in successful investigations
Class Description

Informants quite often play a significant role in law enforcement investigations. Having a person in the "belly of the beast" that can provide you with details about how individual criminals and criminal organizations operate greatly helps in developing strategies to stop their criminal activities. Having someone who on occasion can introduce undercover officers into criminal groups also is of great value.

For all their value, informants can also be an officer's worst nightmare. Using people who more often than not have criminal backgrounds, who have their own agendas and who are highly motivated to make money or stay out of jail, the informant minefield must be navigated carefully. By learning the most common problems, applicable laws, and techniques to keep informants under control, they can be used successfully and be a valuable and useful tool.

Topics Covered:

  • Informant Development
  • Policies for Informant Use
  • Informant Motives
  • Informant Files
  • Applicable State and Federal Laws
  • Informants in Undercover Operations
  • Keeping Informants Confidential
  • Common Problem Areas