Interview and Interrogation for Murders and High Profile Cases
Multiple Discipline Interviewing Techniques
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Interview and Interrogation for Murders and High Profile Cases: Multiple Discipline Interviewing Techniques
Class Description

The Interview and Interrogation for Murders and High Profile Cases is for anyone in Law Enforcement interested in learning how to conduct successful interviews for cases which become more complicated by the nature of the event itself, the people involved, or media attention. It only takes a moment of watching the news before you realize that law enforcement is under more pressure with cases which would have been unheard of several years ago. These events which are focused on by the media, cause non-crime related issues to hamper the investigation and the related interviews. This class is designed to provide Officers, Agents, Deputies, and Detectives with the tools to handle interviews for murders or any other case which become a high profile event. Are you prepared to interview a high level politician, someone on the command staff of your department, or a celebrity? This class will help prepare you to interview anyone.

This course will cover:

  • Interview duties of first responders and detectives
  • Multiple Discipline Interviewing Techniques
  • How to build Rapport with (almost) Anyone
  • Interviewing Investigative planning
  • Cognitive Interviewing
  • Interviewing Law Enforcement Victims
  • How to use your Interviews to assist with the case filing process
  • Preparing your Victims and Witnesses for Court using Cognitive Interviewing
  • How to Detect Deception from Witnesses, Suspects, Victims
  • Miranda: 5th and 6th Amendments
  • Active Listening: The Lost Art
  • Creating Leverage for your Interviews
  • Breaking Techniques
  • Recording of Interviews
  • Critique of Interviews conducted during Murder Investigations
  • Review of Crime Scenes to assist with Questions during Interviews