Open Source Intel & Digital Investigations
From the Browser to the Courtroom
Starts: 6/20/2018 9:00 AM PDT
Open Source Intel & Digital Investigations: From the Browser to the Courtroom
Class Description

Today's successful investigations increasingly rely on public data from the internet, social media, and other sources of information (often referred to as Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT). This class – perfect for the investigator, analyst, or intelligence supervisor – focuses on setting up a powerful toolbox that will empower you to collect, analyze, and act on information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and other public sources. The emphasis will be on searching for investigative targets, criminal organizations, or trends while maintaining digital privacy. We will also discuss how to setup an Intel Section that can plan for, monitor, and track information during a major case or incident. We will explore strategies for community policing, partnership, and engagement designed to generate tips and leads. Finally, we will discuss how to prepare and serve follow-up search warrants to service providers, best practices for the handling of digital evidence, and effective court presentation and testimony. Course includes handouts and over 1,500 investigative links.

Topics Covered:

  • The hunt for OSINT in real-time
  • DIY or outsource to specialist
  • Importance of "Cold" devices
  • Using Google Chrome and extensions
  • Virtual Mutual Aid and Online Canvas
  • Searching the "Big Two"
  • All the pieces matter
  • Finding your targets FB page
  • Capture what you see
  • Preservation letters and search warrants
  • Build and intel index
  • Translate the future
Course Details
Language: English
Format: Live Stream, In-Person
Date: 6/20/2018
Time: 9:00 AM PDT
Length: 4 hour(s)
Location: LA HIDTA