Preparing for Court
Homicide School Course 08
Starts: 8/12/2024 1:00 PM PDT
Preparing for Court: Homicide School Course 08
Class Description

This class is designed to prepare the student for court appearances, including preliminary hearings; pre-trial hearings; evidentiary hearings, and jury trials. Topics to be discussed include: witness appearance, demeanor; the difficult task of witness location, preparation, co-ordination, and conflict resolution; locating required reports from other agencies, developing organizational skills, understanding, organizing, tracking, and delivering discovery, Brady issues, communication and relationships with the Deputy District Attorneys. You will learn the difference between merely testifying, (and how to prepare) and organizing all your portions of a court hearing and trial. You will learn how to successfully deal with the uncertainties and stress of court, and to be poised to assist the case no matter what problems are presented during court. We will discuss the more common strategies of defense attorneys and how to avoid these pitfalls and provide the truth to the court. You will also learn the most common issues that create problems for the District Attorney and how to avoid becoming part of the problem. We will provide you with a step by step overview of how to successfully complete a jury trial, from the time you arrive at the scene, to years later when the case is adjudicated in court. Our desire is to provide you with the skills required to assist the Deputy District Attorney present the truth in a manner that the jury and the court can comprehend.

Topics Covered:

  • Investigative skills and work ethic
  • Case Organization
  • Handling and tracking Discovery
  • Successful testimony
  • Preparing for questions by the Defense
  • Defeating Defense Lies/Theories
  • Witness Co-ordination

We will utilize ZOOM.GOV for our live streaming to help facilitate attendance, Q & A and manage your time in class. You must be present for 80% of the class to receive a certificate from the live stream. You will receive your ZOOM link the night before class begins. All classes will be available on demand if you cannot make the live stream.