Undercover Techniques and Operational Safety
Optimizing your chance for a successful and safe investigation
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Undercover Techniques and Operational Safety: Optimizing your chance for a successful and safe investigation
Class Description

One of the most effective tools for obtaining evidence against a suspect or a criminal organization is to insert an officer into " the belly of the beast." Witnessing firsthand the commission of criminal activity, a properly trained undercover officer and their team can produce cases that leave little question as to the guilt of the suspect or suspects. When done incorrectly, the result may be quite different. Accusations of entrapment, lawsuits, internal affairs investigations and injury to the officer or suspects may occur. Beginning with the selection of the undercover officer, combined with proper training of the officer, a majority of problems can be avoided.

Topics Covered:

  • Selection of the officer
  • Areas to be covered in training the officer
  • Equipment
  • Working with informants in undercover operations
  • Creating the undercover role
  • General guidelines for undercover operations
  • Operation plans
  • The roles of the case officer, the supervisor, and the undercover officer
  • Backstopping
  • Tactical responses during undercover operations