An Introduction To Investigations
Detective School Module 01
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An Introduction To Investigations: Detective School Module 01
Class Description

Detective School is an 8 module, 32 hour school. Purchase all 8 courses for the price of 7 by clicking on "Bundle & Save" option before adding to Cart.

The Detective School Module 1 is designed to educate patrol personnel, or newly assigned Detectives, on how to prepare for the world of criminal Investigations. There is a transition that occurs when moving from a patrol position to being a detective, and this class will greatly assist your transition. Detectives are expected to understand the intricacies of presenting cases to filing Deputy District Attorneys, as well as assisting the DDA who will prosecute your case in court. Court as a Detective is a different environment and you need to learn how to succeed in this new area.

As a Detective, you will be expected to track your cases, suspects, victims and witness, from filing through preliminary hearing and trial. This module will assist you with your organization and tracking systems. As a working Detective, time will be your enemy. This class will show you how to manage your time and avoid the traps we all fall into regarding time.

Relationships with your co-workers, supervisors, administrators, and other agencies will all be important as you become involved in complicated and high profile criminal cases. You will learn how to build rapport and obtain the assistance of the many people involved with intricate and convoluted cases. How best to deal with the media, for your purposes that will assist not hurt your investigation will be explained in detail. In the ever changing world of investigations, keeping your skill set up to date is critical to achieve successful prosecutions. This school assists with the critical process of assessing the situation as you create your investigative plan.

Topics Covered:

  • Court/DDA
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Relationships
  • Media
  • Resources
  • Ethics
  • How to survive
  • Leadership