Court Orders, Search Warrants, Ops Plans
Detective School Module 04
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Court Orders, Search Warrants, Ops Plans: Detective School Module 04
Class Description

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The Detective School module 4 on Search Warrants is designed to educate patrol personnel, or newly assigned Detectives, on how to write and serve search warrants and court orders regarding criminal Investigations.

Transitioning to the role of a Detective, you will be expected and required to write search warrants or court orders for your cases, as well as for other Detectives and agencies that you are assisting. This class will break down the different portions of search warrants and court orders into easily understandable parts, that when combined, will give you the authority to search and seize evidence related to your investigation.

You will learn how to obtain a magistrates signature, which gives you the authority to execute your order by the court. How do you find a judge at zero dark thirty to sign your warrant? We will explain how. Recent case law which limits the parameters of search warrants will be discussed.

Each department has its own requirements with regard to Operation Plans which must be approved by numerous supervisors. This class will review how to complete an Ops plan and get it approved quickly. If you are writing and serving a multi-location the warrant and Ops Plan become longer, but the principles behind the documents remain the same. We will show you how to write and plan for the simple and larger operations.

This class will provide exemplars of numerous Search Warrants, Court Orders and Operation Plans. The legal advantages of "writing paper" will be discussed at length. At the conclusion of this class, you should be able to write your own search warrant with confidence.

Topics Covered:

  • Simple Search Warrants
  • Complex or multiple location Search Warrants
  • Court Orders
  • Court Orders with conditions on collect of the evidence
  • Operation Plans
  • Tactical Operations
  • Mincey Search Warrants
  • Steagald Search Warrants
  • Ramey Arrest Warrants