Detective School Module 5
Introduction to Cell Phones, Surveillance and Trackers
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Detective School Module 5: Introduction to Cell Phones, Surveillance and Trackers
Class Description

The Detective School Module 5 is designed to educate personnel how to track and locate suspects using cell phone technology, legally and lawfully. You will learn how to successfully negotiate the legal issues you may be confronted with during investigations involving cell phones and surveillance. The instructor will discuss the laws regarding cell phone data and how the different cell phone companies vary with regard to what type of Order from the Court (Court Order or Search Warrant), and specific wording required before they will release the data. You will learn how to obtain the data regarding Exigent Circumstances, and the pitfalls of not understanding the legal basis for your requests.

The art and skill of successful surveillance of targets will be explored in depth. Topics will include how to prepare the logistics for surveillance, including vehicle and on foot surveillance. How to co-ordinate your team, Air support, communications, and other involved personnel will be explained using successful and less than successful case studies. Specifics of 'How to blend in' on foot, in a vehicle, or at a stationary post will be clarified.

Vehicle Trackers (GPS Trackers) are incredibly useful tool for tracking the movements of a suspect. The proper use and deployment of this tool will be discussed. Areas of interest will include: familiarity with the vehicle (re: placement of the GPS); how and when the tracker will be installed and removed; what type of Court Order will be needed to lawfully and legally complete the operation.

You will learn to complete and/or interpret the following:

  • Tracking a cell phone (Ping)
  • Tower Hits
  • Latitude and Longitude coordinates
  • Technology utilized to 'Dump Data' from a cell phone
  • How to manage a successful surveillance
  • Personality traits of a surveillance team member
  • Logistical requirements for a complicated surveillance
  • How to write a Court Order to install/remove a GPS tracker
  • Recent Case Law