Detective School Module 8
Undercover Jail OPS and Building Your Case
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Detective School Module 8: Undercover Jail OPS and Building Your Case
Class Description

The Detective School Module 8 will teach you how to build your case and how to successfully complete an “In Custody Undercover Operation", (Perkins Operation). Building your case will sometimes require you to go beyond interviewing the people directly involved in your case but also stimulating people within the suspect's social circle, and possibly victims, or associates, to obtain communications that will assist your case. Your knowledge of the law and ability to deploy different agencies, i.e. Parole, Probation, Department of Children and Family Services, etc., will determine your success rate. Cases that become complicated often need to be viewed as a marathon more than a sprint.

You will learn the Legal authority for conducting a UC Operation, Perkins v. Illinois. This case will be explained and examined for practicality in today's legal environment. Recent high profile cases that have utilized Perkins Operations will be discussed as well as why the results of those operations were not allowed into court.

You will learn how to plan, and execute a Perkins Operation from planning the operation, arranging the logistics, deciding on the right Undercover Operator with the correct personality, appearance, background, and speech patterns.

You will learn:

  • The Importance of Perkins v. Illinois
  • The Legal threshold for Perkins Operations
  • How to brief all involved person prior to the Operation
  • Logistical Issues will be examined
  • The difference between a listening post and asking questions
  • How to conduct a Perkins Operation in any custody environment
  • Picking the correct Undercover Operative to match the target
  • How to stimulate the target
  • The correct methods to provide safety for the UC in custody
  • How to conduct a post op de-briefing