Interdiction Operations
Hotel/Motel Parcel/Post Storage Facility Mass Trans
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Interdiction Operations: Hotel/Motel Parcel/Post Storage Facility Mass Trans
Class Description

Students will learn how dealers and traffickers use local hotels/motels to further their trade. Postal interdiction with “mom and pop" mail business and storage facilities are also explained. Practical methods for bus, train, and airport interdiction and the judicial parameters in which you can operate. Students will also tackle the extensive use of Consensual Encounters in Law Enforcement while developing searching techniques. Students will strengthen their ability to conduct effective interviews during consensual encounters and learn why criminals focus their efforts in these public areas and how to combat criminals while working your current job assignment.

Course Topics:

  • Picking The Target
  • Profiles of popular exchange sites
  • Setting Up Shop
  • Patrolling The Lot
  • Meeting The Clerk
  • Sources of Information
  • Secondary Contacts
  • Physical Search
  • Making The Arrest
  • Consensual Encounters