Annie Mitchell

Annie Mitchell is a recently retired Supervising Crime Analyst from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. She worked as a crime analyst and supervisor for over 30 years of her 43 year career. She is the co-founder of OnPoint Analytics, which provides training and consulting, as well as a provider with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) for "Crime Analysis on Demand Tailored Training and Technical Assistance", a government funded grant available for agencies throughout the United States. She also serves on the IACA Executive Board as the Vice President of Administration.

Her experience as an analyst included patrol station assignments, intelligence details, the FBI's Joint Drug Intelligence Group, homicide and gang task forces. She is an advanced instructor with California POST and provides training for peace officers, detectives and crime analysts. Annie developed and currently instructs in the POST Level I Crime and Intelligence Analysis course.

During her tenure in the Sheriff's Department, Annie was responsible for the training, mentoring and supervision of the Department's Crime Analysts assigned to patrol regions, Homeland Security, internal criminal investigations, parole compliance team, the Los Angeles County Auto Theft Task Force (TRAP) and the gang detail. She has been instrumental in promoting the crime analysis mission throughout the United States with a number of instructional modules and presentations.

Classes Taught By Annie
Best Practices for Effective Crime Analysis
In-Progress Tactical Analysis 2Hr
Integrated Analysis 2Hr
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