Raymond Johnson

Raymond has worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for approximately 10 years as a Deputy Sheriff. Raymond started his career in the Men’s Central Jail and later completed his patrol training at the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s station and continued in patrol for approximately 6 years. During his patrol assignment he quickly began utilizing social media for law enforcement purposes.During his time on patrol, he was placed on a summer crime suppression team and eventually offered a position with the Homicide Gang Task Force. His responsibilities are to investigate homicide cases that need additional information to prosecute the suspects via social media.

Raymond has investigated or assisted in the investigations on criminal behavior including but not limited to robberies, assaults, narcotic sales and murders. Raymond’s hard work has allowed him to develop an expertise in the areas of cell phone activity analysis, mapping, and social media.

Raymond has testified to these activities in Los Angeles Superior Courts. Raymond has attended numerous classes and seminars pertaining to criminal investigations provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, and various other private and governmental entities.

Classes Taught By Raymond
Social Media Investigations