Frank Lyga

LAPD Detective Frank Lyga (Ret) has 35 years of law enforcement experience in New York and Los Angeles. He was assigned to the LAPD Narcotics Division, Major Violators Section for over 20 years and spent 17 years on the Clandestine Laboratory team with LAPD/L.A. IMPACT. He was the training coordinator for the Clandestine Laboratory Team and provided training to the LAPD and fellow law enforcement and fire personnel throughout the country. Det. Lyga was also the lead Search Warrant Instructor for the City of Los Angeles and provided training for all detectives and supervisors in the area of obtaining and service of search warrants.

Det. Lyga has been involved in excess of 250 investigations involving PCP sales, manufacturing and use. He has worked in an undercover capacity where he has purchased and sold chemicals needed to manufacture PCP. He has testified as an expert regarding PCP manufacturing, sales and suspect involvement in large scale multi state investigations in both State and Federal Courts. Det. Lyga has been called upon for his expertise in the area of manufacturing PCP by State and Federal agencies throughout the United States and has assisted local, State and Federal law enforcement with obtaining search warrants to assist in their investigations.

Det. Lyga's many commendations include: Outstanding Investigative Effort Award given at the National HIDTA Conference in Washington, DC, presented by the Executive Office of the President of the United States and Case of the Year for seizing the most Phencyclidine in the history of the United States in December 2012; Award from the Department of Justice, Central District of California, United States Attorney's Office "In recognition of integrity, commitment, and outstanding service to the people of the United States of America" in May 2011; the Director's Award from L.A. IMPACT/BNE in December 2010; Outstanding Speaker the Year Award, given by the American Association of Clinical Chemistry November 2006; and Investigator of the Year for 2003, given by the Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, L.A. IMPACT Task Force.

Classes Taught By Frank
Basic PCP