Tiffany Shew

Tiffany Shew is a Senior Criminalist with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department – Scientific Services Bureau and is assigned to the Biology/DNA Section and Crime Scene Investigations Team. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the California State University, Long Beach. Being in the field of Criminalistics for over 15 years, her career background includes working in Controlled Substances at the Orange County Sheriff's Department – Forensic Science Center and in Postmortem Toxicology and Crime Scene Investigations at the Los Angeles County – Department of Coroner. Upon arriving at LASD, she was assigned to the Toxicology Section before transferring to Biology/DNA section. In addition to doing case work, she is also a trainer within the Crime Lab for the new criminalists entering into the CSI Program.

Tiffany is a POST Master Instructor. She teaches regularly at the LASD Academy for the following courses: The POST Robert Presley “Institute of Criminal Investigation" Homicide and Death Investigation, Basic Criminal Investigations, POST ICI Sexual Assault, Gang Investigator School and Field Operations School for Sergeants. She is also an instructor for the POST DNA for Investigators and the POST Crime Scene Evidence courses.

Classes Taught By Tiffany
Crime Lab Introduction
The Crime Lab
Crime Lab 2016
Detective School Module 4