Crime Lab 2016
Homicide School Course 02
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Crime Lab 2016: Homicide School Course 02
Class Description

This class will teach how to understand the role of the Criminalist at a scene and how they can assist you in solving your case and your court presentation. The different disciplines of the crime lab will be explained including: biology, firearms, trace evidence, drugs, photography and GSR (Gun Shot Residue). You will learn how field tests are done for biological evidence and the proper techniques for evidence handling. Learn when to call the crime lab and how to defeat the "CSI Factor" in court.

Topics Covered:

  • Crime Scene from a Criminalist Point of View
  • How Can the Crime Lab Help Your Case
  • Field Tests to Identify Biological Evidence
    • Blood (Human vs. Animal), Semen
    • Chemical Enhancing Techniques
  • Proper Evidence Handling
    • From Identification and Documentation to Collection and Preservation for:
      • Blood and Bloodstain Patterns
      • Trace Evidence
      • Firearms/GSR
      • Drugs
  • Learn About the Various Forensic Disciplines
  • When to Call the Lab
  • How to defeat the "CSI Factor" in Court
  • What the Crime Lab CANNOT do and why