Arson Related Homicides
Homicide School Course 06
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Arson Related Homicides: Homicide School Course 06
Class Description

Arson murder investigations are complicated and you will need an expert to provide information during your investigation and the testimony during the murder trial. Learn the red flags at a fire death scene and what they mean. How to determine if your scene is staged, a fire bombing or gang related. The motives of an arson murder are unique and will be explained in depth. You will learn why parents kill their own children with fire. You will learn how to understand a fire scene and the effects of fire on the human body.

Topics Covered:

  • Arson / Murder Motives
  • Red Flags at Fire Death Scenes
  • Critical Factors at Fire Death Scenes
  • Staged Events
  • Gang Related Arsons and Firebombing
  • Filicide - Murder of Children by Their Parents
  • Understanding the Fire Scene
  • The Effects of Fire on the Human Body