Homicide Case Management
Homicide School Course 01
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Homicide Case Management: Homicide School Course 01
Class Description

We will discuss the responsibilities for first responders and detectives handling murders from beginning to end. This class will teach the critical aspects of managing a Homicide investigation for patrol and detectives. There are several court cases which must be known and understood to conduct a successful murder investigation. In a culture that sometimes lacks leadership, we will teach you how to take control of and lead an investigation. We will explain the concerns of your Command Staff during these events and how to avoid Case Management Conflict. We teach you how to avoid making the most common mistakes in managing your case.

Topics Covered:

  • Practical Aspects for Patrol and Detectives on Handling Homicides
  • The Court Cases That You Must Know
  • How to Lead and How to Delegate
  • First Responders and Detectives responsibilities from start to finish
  • The Biggest Mistakes Made during Case Management
  • Command Staff and Case Management Conflict
  • Case Reviews
  • Mistakes to avoid