Officer Involved Shootings and High Profile Deaths
Homicide School Course 08
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Officer Involved Shootings and High Profile Deaths: Homicide School Course 08
Class Description

One of the most difficult events to handle correctly is an Officer Involved Shooting, and the numbers are rising. Patrol and detectives will learn all the practical aspects for a successful investigation of this type of event. You will learn the most common mistakes, and the pitfalls to avoid. The method to create an investigative plan including scene documentation, interviews, intelligence, clue management, media control will be explained. Victim Officer concerns will be reviewed as it pertains to the criminal investigation. Learn how to handle the emotional side of these types of events.

Topics Covered:

  • Practical Aspects for Patrol and Detectives on Handling Officer Involved shootings
  • The 5 Most Common Mistakes
  • Investigative Plans: Scene, Interviews, Intelligence, Task Force
  • Taking Control - Keeping Control
  • Victim Officer Issues:
    • Legal Representation
    • Statements
    • Death/ Injury
  • Logistical Requirements, Media considerations, Command Staff Issues
  • Keeping your emotions under control