Child and Elder Murder Investigations 2016
Homicide School Course 04
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Child and Elder Murder Investigations 2016: Homicide School Course 04
Class Description

These types of murders are often the most difficult to prove, file and successfully prosecute. We will show you how to manage your case and lock down the facts of the case before moving to the next step. You will learn why parents kill their own children, when a fetus is viable, per the courts and how dependent adult abuse is viewed by the criminal justice system. We will show you how the documentation of the scene will be critical and will be processed differently. How to lock caregivers into statements, how to obtain medical records and coordinate your case with the Coroner's Office. Learn how to successfully file this case.

Topics Covered:

  • Why Parents Kill Their Children
  • Fetus: When is a Baby "Viable
  • Dependent Adult Abuse
  • Documentation of Scene
  • Primary Care Givers Statements
  • Coordinating with the Coroner's Office/Medical Records
  • Filing Your Case