In Custody Undercover Operations 2016
Homicide School Course 05
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In Custody Undercover Operations 2016: Homicide School Course 05
Class Description

One of the most misunderstood tools in law enforcement is the Perkins Operation, which involves placing an undercover agent in custody with a suspect in an attempt to obtain more truth about the case. Successful operations will often provide confessions, admissions, as well and identify co-conspirators and evidence locations. The legal authority for this type of operation, Perkins v. Illinois, the 5th, 6th and 14th amendments will be explained with regard to this type of operation. You will learn the technical, logistical, and practical aspects of a Perkins Op. How to pick your U/C and how to place the target near your agent, how to coordinate with other agencies, and agent safety will all be explained. You will learn how to explain a Perkins Op to your command staff, and how to run a successful operation from beginning to end.

Topics Covered:

  • Legal Authority: Perkins V. Illinois, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments
  • Goal: Obtain Confessions, Admissions, Identify Co-conspirators
  • Logistics: Technical Aspects, Facilities, Transportation, Involved Agencies
  • Personnel Selection: U/C and Custodial Staff
  • Risk Management/Costs/ Case Selection
  • Case Studies of how to run an Operation from Beginning to End