Cognitive Interviewing
Interview School Course 04
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Cognitive Interviewing: Interview School Course 04
Class Description

We will teach you the basics of this skill which you can use during every interview of a cooperative witness, victim or suspect. The 6 basic steps will be explained in detail and how they can be utilized on cooperative interviewees including: victims, witnesses, informants and suspects. The history, methodology, science and skills required will be explained in depth so as to assist students to utilize this methodology for obtaining more truth. To be clear, this methodology will only work on cooperative individuals. As this skill relies on Rapport Building, Active Listening, your physical expression and behavior, all these topics will be briefly reviewed as the 6 steps are covered. We will teach you when to deploy these skills during the different phases of a police investigation from interviews, through photo arrays (6-pac), line ups, and witness prep for court testimony. This skill requires the interviewee to all of the hard work while you gently guide and document the facts revealed.

Topics Covered:

  • Methodology for obtaining more truth explained in depth
  • History and practical experience with this skill
  • 6 Steps of methodology and how to deploy each step
  • How Active Listening skills increases this interviewing technique
  • Why Rapport Building is mandatory while using this methodology
  • How to monitor your Verbal and Physical expressions
  • How to handle the introduction and closing while using this methodology
  • Law Enforcement Applications
  • How and when to deploy this skill