Rapport Building
Interview School Course 02
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Rapport Building: Interview School Course 02
Class Description

This skill can be a lost art among law enforcement personnel. We will explain the different levels of Rapport, how to establish Rapport with almost anyone, how to use your life experiences to build Rapport. How you can change impossible situations into a discussion by knowing how and working on building Rapport. You will learn how perceptions, prejudice, problems, and subjectivity all can keep you from building Rapport, and how unrealized commonalities can bridge into Rapport. We will discuss fundamentals and Specifics of Rapport Building and will use real examples that will convey the before and after perceptions on both sides. You will learn motivational tools to assist building Rapport. We will discuss how your Rapport Building skills will be perceived by the jury, judge, defense counsel and prosecutor. We will also teach you how to build Rapport during Court proceedings, when and where it is appropriate.

Topics Include:

  • Rapport Building techniques
  • First Impressions
  • Active Listening skills
  • Learning how not to criticize
  • How to criticize your own behavior
  • How to give sincere appreciation for their positive actions
  • How to be a good listener (different from Active Listening)
  • What is important to them and why
  • How to speak in their terms and about their interests
  • How to use this technique in everyday life, professional and personal
  • The value of Respect
  • How to allow the person to save face