Interviewing Basics
Interview School Course 01
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Interviewing Basics: Interview School Course 01
Class Description

Interviewing basics will cover how to do a proper interview, whether it is on the street, in an interview room, or in a court hallway preparing your witness for court. Interviewing is a perishable skill and we will discuss how to keep your skills as sharp as you want them. We will teach you the importance of Truth, Perceptions, and Different Truths. Communication Composition will be explained so you will be learning the truth. We will teach you why your appearance and how you conduct yourself is as important as what you say. Learn why any statement can be important for court, and the different categories of statements. We will discuss the type of questions you ask and when to use which type of question. Why Control is important: how to establish and keep Control during interviews. How to take notes, audio record, and/or video your interview. You will learn how the length of you interview is often directly related to your success. We will instruct how to become an expert in Active Listening and why this skill is critical to successful interviews. If you are lucky and get a confession, now what? How will your techniques be viewed by the court and prosecutor? You will learn why interviewing is a Multiple Discipline Technique. Interviewing is complicated and may reveal unique and unanticipated results.

Topics Include:

  • Interviewing Basics
  • Communication Composition
  • Appearance / Perceptions
  • Attitude and tone-yours, victims, witness’, suspects
  • What types of question to ask and when to ask
  • How to Establish Control
  • Evaluating your listening style or lack thereof
  • Interviewing plan
  • Interviewing Logistics
  • Skills required
  • Skill Self-Assessment
  • Definition of Truth
  • Documentation of interview
  • Perceptions by Court of Interview