Detecting Deception, Deceit and Lies
Interview School Course 05
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Detecting Deception, Deceit and Lies: Interview School Course 05
Class Description

You will learn about some of the great lies in history and police work, and how they were discovered, and why they were not discovered in a timely manner. You will learn why people lie, Emotions involved in lying, bodily changes as while lying and how they assist in catching liars. We will teach you how to avoid the biggest mistakes detecting deceit, as well how to deal with socially acceptable lies. You will learn the three main methods used to lie, how to defeat each method, and how to motivate the liar to pick a methodology of trying to deceive you. We will teach you why some lies are successful and other lies are successful. We will compare the truthfulness and deceit of statements made by 2 convicted serial killers, (1) an hour before he was to be executed, the other (2) serving life in prison. You will learn how to detect deceit verbally, non-verbally, facially and by looking for clusters of behavior. The majority of this class will focus on verbal and non-verbal indicators of deceit including Emblem Leakage, use of supportive gestures, speech, patterns, types of words, pitch, stalling techniques, and the different types of denials.

Topics Covered:

  • Infamous and Current Lies
  • Why people lie
  • Emotions involved in lying
  • Methodologies used to lie
  • 2 Serial Killer interviews compared for truth/lying styles
  • Facial signs of deceit
  • Non-Verbal signs of deceit
  • Verbal signs of deceit